10/21/19: Florida Mayors And Sea Level Rise; Leadership Training; Cole Pepper

Oct 21, 2019

The American Flood Coalition is hosting its first-ever Florida Mayors Summit in the nation’s capitol. Nineteen current mayors representing more than 2.6 million Floridians will hear from experts and talk to members of Congress about flooding and sea level rise.

Mayor Elaine Brown of Neptune Beach, and Mayor Tracy Upchurch of St. Augustine are among those attending.

WJCT’s Brendan Rivers and Alec Bogdanoff, Florida Resilience Manager at the American Flood Coalition, joined us for a closer look.

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Leadership Training

If you’re looking to become a stronger leader, both at work and at home - it turns out success is an inside job.

We're referring to emotional intelligence, which refers to the capacity to control and express one's emotions while handling relationships judiciously.

Kelly Mannel is founder and president of Image Partners Inc., and a thought leader in the field of emotional intelligence. She’s leading a two-day workshop this weekend, during which attendees will learn how mindfulness and emotional intelligence drive success, and why you should look within before you seek to lead on the outside.

She joined us with a preview.

Cole Pepper

The Jaguars kept their season alive with a 27 - 17 comeback win in Cincinnati. Cole Pepper joined us with a recap and look ahead to next week’s game against the Jets.

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