10/27/17: Tax Dollars To Private Schools, Scott's Environmental Proposal, 'The Florida Project'

Oct 27, 2017

This week on The Florida Roundup we're looking at tax dollars going to private schools along with Gov. Rick Scott's desire to spend more on the environment. We also have a look at the new film, "The Florida Project," that shines a light on life along the state's economic fringe. 

Private Schools

A new investigation by the Orlando Sentinel found that one billion dollars in state-funded scholarships will actually go to private schools.  

Annie Martin, Staff Writer at the Orlando Sentinel, and Jessica Bakeman, Education Reporter at WLRN,  discussed the findings.

Gov. Scott and the Environment

Governor Rick Scott announced his $1.7 billion budget proposal this week for Florida’s environment.  Scott’s spending plan includes money for Everglades restoration and land conservation, but it does little for water quality improvements around the state.

John Davis of WGCU in Fort Myers and WGCU’s interim news director Julie Glenn joined us for a look.

‘The Florida Project’

It’s the breakout new independent film from writer and director Sean Baker and its already generating some buzz ahead of awards season. “The Florida Project”  is set on a stretch of highway just outside of Disney World, and it follows six-year-old Moonee and her rebellious mother Hailey over the course of a single summer.

Kevin Chinoy is a producer of The Florida Project and joined us for more on the movie.