1/05/2017: Brad Thoburn- Skyway; Sabal Palm Pipeline; Grandpa's Cough Medicine

Jan 5, 2017

  Thursday on “First Coast Connect,” we were joined by Jacksonville Transportation Authority Vice President of Long Range Planning and System Development Brad Thoburn to discuss plans to extend the Skyway.        

Local environmental activist Josh Weber spoke about his opposition to the proposed Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline and we hear a live in-studio performance by local bluegrass band Grandpa’s Cough Medicine.  


Brad Thoburn- Skyway

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority has been making big changes lately, like redesigning its bus routes, adding new bus lines and planning a regional center to connect all modes of transportation. Also on the agenda, figuring out what to do with the downtown Skyway system. They announced a plan last month to update the Skyway’s aging technology with self-driving shuttles and also extend the route from Riverside to the sports complex. Thoburn talked about some of the proposed changes under consideration.

Sabal Palm Pipeline

The shale boom and low prices for natural gas have sparked a pipeline bonanza in the US. Fourteen new pipelines, carrying both oil and natural gas, are either on the drawing board or are nearing completion, adding to the existing 2.5 million miles of energy pipelines in the nation. One of these is Florida’s Sabal Trail Pipeline, which is set to run some 515 miles through Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The pipeline is billed as a way to bring energy diversity and clean natural gas to the state. Critics say Sabal Trail will cross major watersheds, environmentally sensitive areas and residential neighborhoods.

Grandpa’s Cough Medicine

The popular bluegrass trio Grandpa’s Cough Medicine is doing some local shows this weekend. Its new album “180 Proof” features 15 new songs fueled by love, alcohol, a love for alcohol, and of course, firearms.

The band plays Saturday night at Mojo Kitchen in Jacksonville Beach, and Sunday in St. Augustine at Planet Sarbez

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