11/03/15: St. Johns County Elections; Jacksonville Skyway; UNF White House Convening

Nov 3, 2015

We begin the hour by talking about the election going on in St. Johns County today to decide whether to approve a 10-year, half-cent sales take hike to benefit public schools. If voters approve the sales tax, the revenues would be used to build four new schools, and fix up or expand most schools across the county.


We speak with Vicky Oakes, St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections, to set the scene for us as voters head to the polls.

Becky Slough, chair of the St. Johns County School Board, also joins us today with an in-depth look at this referendum.

We also discuss about what the Jacksonville Transportation Authority plans to do with the outmoded Jacksonville Skyway.

Dave Richardson, former WTLV News Director and transit advocate, joins us today to advocate for a SkyWeb Express type system before the advisory board looking at options for the Jacksonville Skyway.

And we speak to Dr. Carolyn Stone, University of North Florida Professor of Counselor Educator, to explain to tell us about the third annual White House Convening that is taking place on the UNF campus this week.