11/30/2018: Florida Faces Hotter Days, Stronger Hurricanes And Storm Surges

Nov 30, 2018

This week on The Florida Roundup we dedicated the full hour to looking at the risks from climate change and impacts the Sunshine State faces.

A new federal government report, called the Fourth Annual Climate Assessment finds that climate change already is affecting Florida and warns that risks will keep growing.

A separate report from the Climate Central research group has found over the past five decades several Florida cities - including Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa and Miami - have experienced a growing number of days with temperatures rising above 95 degrees.

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Our guests for the discussion were:

  • Dr. Ben Kirtman, a professor at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science
  • Kate Stein, an environmental reporter at WLRN
  • Amy Green an environmental reporter at WMFE