11/3/17: Sex And The State Capital, Florida's Constitution

Nov 3, 2017

The top senate Democrat quits over an extramarital affair and should the state constitution allow tax money to go toward some religious schools? Those are among the topics in this week's Florida Roundup.

Improper Behavior At The Capitol

Allegations of improper behavior are stalking the corridors of power here in Florida.

State Senator Jeff Clemens abruptly resigned from his legislative seat a week ago after admitting he had an affair with a lobbyist. He was supposed to become the leader of the Senate Democratic caucus.

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Politico Florida first reported on the Clemens affair. Reporter Alexandra Glorioso and Tia Mitchell, Tallahassee Bureau chief for The Florida Times-Union join us for a discussion.

Florida’s Constitution

The state’s Constitution Revision Commission meets once every 20 years, and it has the power to directly place amendments on the 2018 ballot to change the Florida Constitution.

The proposals being looked at affect everything from public schools, to the environment, to the state’s criminal justice system. Three that have caught our eye involve restoring voting rights for Florida felons - calls to end greyhound racing in the state - and funding for religious schools.

Tia Mitchell, Tallahassee Bureau Chief for the Florida Times Union, and Wilson Sayre, reporter with WLRN joined us for a look.