1/22/2018: Water Hogs; She Is Fierce!; Shark Eyes; Cole Pepper

Jan 22, 2018

Credit Folio Weekly

Monday on First Coast Connect we spoke with Folio Weekly editor Clare Goforth about Folio’s upcoming Water Hogs feature (01:13).

We heard about the next She is Fierce! event in St. Augustine with founder Kelly Youngs and creative director Nadia Ramoutaur (29:53).

Shark Eyes inventor Shanan Worrall told us about his product that will be making its U.S. debut this week in Orlando (36:53).

Cole Pepper talked about the Jaguars disappointing loss to New England in the AFC Championship game (46:00).



Water Hogs

This year marks the return of a closely watched annual list in Folio Weekly called Water Hogs. It’s a look at the biggest water wasters in town. Some homeowners are using millions of gallons of water a year.

The idea behind publicly naming and shaming the water hogs, is to draw attention to the waste of water and raise awareness about the need to educate the public about getting more in the habit of conserving this precious natural resource.

The issue hits newsstands on Wednesday.

She is Fierce!

Over the weekend, millions of women around the U.S. and around the world took to the streets for the 2018 Women’s March. They encouraged more women to run for office and seek leadership at every level.

Female leadership and connection is a big goal of She Is Fierce!, a global women’s organization based in St. Augustine.

The She is Fierce! Toasting 2018 party will be held at 5;30 p.m., January 24, at the Bozard Ford-Lincoln auto dealership in St. Augustine.

Shark Eyes

It’s billed as the world’s most affordable and effective shark deterrent. Shark Eyes is making its U.S. debut later this week at the U.S. Surf Expo in Orlando.

Shark Eyes is for anyone out there in the ocean who wants to minimize their risk of a shark attack.  It’s a simple decal that works to fool the shark into thinking it’s been spotted, removing the element of surprise and deterring an attack.

Cole Pepper

It was the closest the Jacksonville Jaguars have been to the Super Bowl, with a lead in the fourth quarter, but New England came from behind to win the AFC Championship game on Sunday 24-20.

The Jaguars can take pride in being the first team to go from a three-win season to a league championship game in one season. Several Jaguars will be in Orlando on Sunday for the Pro Bowl.     

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