5/24/19: Climate Change Threat; Citrus Greening Disease

May 24, 2019


An expert on the impact of climate change on financial markets says no one should get 30-year mortgages anymore in the state of Florida.

Woods Hole Research Institute Senior Fellow Spencer Glendon said eventually, making a home loan for 30 years in Florida will just be too risky. 

Glendon of the Woods Hole Research Institute made the remarks at an investor conference in New York last week.

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Citrus Production Improves But Still Down

Citrus production in Florida remains down overall, but it’s bouncing back from previous years.

We looked at both issues. Our guests were:

  • Florida Association for Insurance Reform Chairman Kevin McCarthy
  • New York Times Reporter Andrew Jacobs
  • Wm. G.  Roe and Sons President Quinten Roe, whose company is based in Winter Haven.