6/1/2016: Prison Reform; 2016 Teenpreneur Conference; Players By The Sea Performance

Jun 1, 2016

Prison Reform

We discuss the push to end mass incarceration in this country and reform the U.S. criminal justice system.

Annually, $80 billion is spent on taking care of the country’s 6.9 million incarcerated Americans, including the 2.2 million who are under supervision.

Wendy Tatter, a prison reform advocate, and Moliere DiManche Jr., an ex-offender, joined us in the studio to share their personal stories and take a closer look at Florida’s criminal system.

Eva Baker

Eva Baker, a 20-year-old who founded the inaugural Teenpreneur Conference, spoke about the details of the conference, her website and her passion for helping young entrepreneur’s worldwide come together for support and guidance.

Players by the Sea

The Cast of "Shipwrecked!" Joined us in the studio for a live performance.

Watch the performance, courtesy of partner TVJax