7/11/2018: Civil Citations; Tikun Olan; Void Magazine Beers; The Jaxson

Jul 11, 2018

Wednesday’s First Coast Connect featured guest host Charlene Shirk.

We discussed the latest news regarding using civil citations instead of arresting children in Jacksonville with Juvenile Director of the 4th Judicial District State Attorney’s Office Laura Lambert and Youth Crisis Center President and CEO Kim Sirdevan (01:01).    

An Israeli-based medical cannabis company is now coming to Florida to participate in the state growing medical marijuana industry. We spoke with Tikun Olan’s COO Jeffrey Jones (29:06).   

Void Magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Shaw joined us to talk about his latest edition featuring the growing microbrew industry in Jacksonville and creative beers being developed (39:30).

We also explored a new collaboration between WJCT and Modern Cities. WJCT News Director Jessica Palombo and Mike Field of Modern Cities told us about the new project, The Jaxson (46:00).

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