7/1/19: Reggie Fullwood and Operation New Hope; Vaping Ban; Cole Pepper

Jul 1, 2019

Former state representative Reggie Fullwood has a new leadership position, two years after he was sentenced in federal court in 2017.

Fullwood pleaded guilty to using campaign funds for personal use and failing to file tax returns.

His probation was supposed to last until Feb. 2020, but federal court records show a judge let him out of that probation early so he could take a new job at Operation New Hope, a local organization that offers second chance solutions to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Some might say a perfect fit for his own second chance opportunity.  Fullwood joined us to discuss his new role as the project manager for Operation New Hope's Ready4Work initiative. 


Indoor Vaping Ban

Several new statewide laws go into effect today, including a ban on vaping and the use of e-cigarettes from indoor use in non-smoking areas, including workplaces.

Tobacco Free Florida’s Heather Sciartelli, Tobacco Prevention Program Area Director: and Julie Collins, Youth Programs Coordinator joined us for a closer look.

Cole Pepper

WJCT Sports Analyst Cole Pepper joined us for a look at the success U.S. Men's National Team and the Women's National Team have been enjoying in their biggest soccer tournaments of the year.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.

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