8/2/2018: Timothy James Case; Art Attack; LOL JAX Film Festival

Aug 2, 2018

Thursday on First Coast Connect we spoke with local attorney John Phillips about the dropping of charges against former JSO officer Timothy James in the beating of handcuffed teen Elias Campos. Phillips represents Campos (01:12).  

Our latest segment of Art Attack featured:

- Duval County Public Schools Director of Arts Jeff Smith

- Former Principal of the LaVilla School of the Arts and Douglas Anderson Jane Condon

- Any Given Child Director Allison Galloway-Gonzalez

- Jacksonville Public Library arts and culture developer Shawana Brooks.

They discussed the importance of arts education in schools and how the public can get involved (29:53).

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We heard about this weekend’s LOL JAX Film Festival at Sun-Ray Cinema with festival founders Adam Madrid and Sharon Cobb (46:00).     

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