904WARD; The Secret Library; What's Good Wednesdays

Dec 16, 2020

In Jacksonville, there have been real efforts this year to address long-standing racial inequities in the city.

The City Council has a new committee looking at the matter. This morning we learned that Miller Electric has donated $1 million to the United Way of Northeast Florida to work on equity issues.

Additionally, 904WARD, a community organization advancing racial equity in Jacksonville since 2015, is expanding its mission and has appointed its first CEO, Kimberly Allen, Ph.D. She joined us with more on the organization’s efforts.

The Secret Library

This year’s pandemic has impacted every industry, but perhaps none so much as live entertainment. Nationwide, the shutdown of the theme parks, Broadway and live entertainment has left thousands of actors, musicians and performers out of work. 

Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment, a leading expert in atmosphere entertainment, was one of those companies hard hit. The company tapped into its creative community to launch a new immersive theatrical experience online called The Secret Library.

We spoke about this new form of entertainment - and how you can enjoy it - with Todd Zimmerman, creator of the Secret Library. 

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What’s Good Wednesdays

For our final What’s Good Wednesday of the year, we rounded up some holiday news goodies just for you to enjoy. They include:

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