Angela Corey: Zimmerman Jury Selection 'Going Well'

Jun 13, 2013

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey is pleased with the way jury selection in the George Zimmerman trial is progressing.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey
Credit Office of the State Attorney - 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida

Thursday, attorneys questioned jury candidates for a fourth day. Corey told WJCT First Coast Connect guest host Karen Feagins that even though the process isn’t moving quickly, it’s deliberate for a reason.

“It may appear to be going slowly to some people, but Judge Nelson has implemented a process that we believe will give both sides the fair trial that we promised," she said.  "We said when we filed these charges that both George Zimmerman and the state of Florida would get a fair trial and we would do everything in our power to assure that."

Corey is the State Attorney for Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, based in Jacksonville. Governor Rick Scott appointed her as Special Prosecutor to investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder. He claims he shot Martin in self-defense.

Attorneys need to find six jurors and four alternates. Judge Debra Nelson announced today that jurors in the case will be kept in isolation during the trial.