Around The Web: Mozart vs. The Beatles, Pic Of The Week And More

Jul 20, 2013

From  Mozart vs. The Beatles, to My Pic Of The Week here's what I saw on the web this week.

Credit David Luckin

The Music You Love

The New York York Times Opinionator  asks the age old question: What Is Art? I love this quote by Alex Ross from his 2004 essay, “Listen to This”: The best music is music that persuades us that there is no other music in the world. This morning, for me, it was Sibelius’s Fifth; late last night, Dylan’s “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands”; tomorrow, it may be something entirely new. I can’t rank my favorite music any more than I can rank my memories. Yet some discerning souls . . . say, in effect, “The music you love is trash. Listen instead to our great, arty music” . . . Read more:

A Symbol Of Women’s Liberation: The Turn Signal

Credit Chevrolet Corvette

The New York Times has another good read, about who invented the turn signal. Yes, you probably guessed it, a woman driver. “A car to me is something that is almost human, something that responds to kindness and understanding and care, just as people do,” the actress Florence Lawrence told a reporter in 1920, when driving had become a symbol of women’s liberation. “The average woman does her own repairing. She is curious enough to investigate every little creak and squawk of her car, and to remedy it.” Read more:

One View Of Jenny McCarthy

The Washington Post offers one woman’s view of Jenny McCarthy.
“I realize it’s “The View,” not “The Correct View” or “The View That Is Actually Substantiated By Any Science Whatsoever.” There is no reason to assume that, just because someone is on your TV, that this person has opinions that are grounded in fact and that you should go about implementing in your life. In many cases, it’s the exact opposite. Usually, the presence of someone on television indicates little more than that this person is slightly louder than most people and would be unpleasant to sit next to on a long flight.” Well you get the picture not really a big fan…  Read more:
USA TODAY Report Jenny McCarthy joins 'The View'

And Finally… Radiohead Thom Yorke Pulls The Plug On Spotifi

Saw this in one of my favorite sites the London Evening Standard
“Yorke has pulled his solo songs and those of his side-band Atoms For Peace from the online-music streaming service, saying he was “standing up for… fellow musicians”.

Yorke tweeted: “Make no mistake new artists you discover on Spotify will no[t] get paid. Meanwhile shareholders will shortly be rolling in it. Simples.”
Read more:

Pic Of The Week

 John Unger with his dog Schoep in Lake Superior, Wisconsin, last summer. The swims helped the dog cope with arthritis.Edit | Remove

The pic of the week is also a story about man and his best friend. The story is everywhere,
I saw it in the The New York Daily News.