Biden’s Immigration Proposal; The Right to Die Movement; Duval’s 'Teacher Of The Year'

Feb 8, 2021

President Joe Biden has signed three excutive orders that he said would lead to a more "fair, orderly, humane" immigration system.

Jacksonville attorney Giselle Carson, an expert on the immigration changes and trends joined us on what to expect from Biden's immigration reform. 

The Right to Die Movement

Diane Rehm, a renowned NPR host, spoke about her new book and PBS special, When My Time Comes. The book supports and examines the right to die movement.  She shared personal stories of how her family has dealt with death.

Duval County’s 'Teacher of the Year'

Mandarin High School’s Jim Schmitt is the 2021 Vystar Duval County Teacher of the Year. Schmitt joined us to discuss his winning teaching style and the challenges of maintaining a positive attitude in the classroom in the midst of a pandemic. 

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