Big Federal Grant Will Expand TCC Welding Program

Jul 19, 2019

The so-called “trades” are today’s hottest job options.   Tallahassee Community College has now received a big boost to its training program for welders.

U.S. Commerce Department Assistant Secretary Dr. John Fleming brought the $1.2 million check to Tallahassee himself. He told TCC’s leadership that this was matching money.

“EDA’s investment will be matched by $313,000 in local funds,” he explained.

This will create a new Welding Technologies Lab in the school’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Center. Also at the presentation was Kirk Barras whose union represents plumbers and pipefitters.

“It’s something that the industry needs. The availability of work out there for welders – and that’s what we’re representing here today – is staggering!”  he exclaimed.

That's a need that T-C-C’s expanded welders’ training facility should help fulfill.