Call For JEA Reset; Book Club; Daniel; Artist Mark George

Dec 10, 2019

JEA board chair April Green is asking the Jacksonville City Council for a restart button on some aspects of the board’s decision to put the publicly-owned utility up for sale. 


The recent controversy around JEA’s push to privatize, along with other issues, have some calling for a grand jury investigation into what critics call a culture of corruption at City Hall.

We heard more from Pastor R. L. Gundy of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church and Juan Gray, local chair of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

First Coast Book Club

Book cover of the "Essex Serpent" by Sarah Perry.
Credit via First Coast Connect Book Club

The First Coast Book Club meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 10, at San Marco Books and More to discuss Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. Book Club Facilitator Stacey Goldring explained why it is this month’s First Coast Connect Book Club pick.

Florida’s Oldest Child-Serving Agency

Daniel recently celebrated its 135th anniversary. It now offers a diverse range of programs that serve an average of 3,500 children and families each day. Lesley Wells, President and CEO of Daniel, told us about the organization’s role in our community. Mark George Paintings 

Art work of Mark George
Credit Mark George / Mark George

Riverside’s Space 42, an industrial art gallery and curated events space, has a new exhibition called “Pout.” 

It opens Dec. 14 at 6 p.m. and features work by local artist Mark George. George’s paintings of love, anguish and anxiety spare no emotion. He gave us a preview.

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