Capital Report: 09-04-2015

Sep 4, 2015
Originally published on September 4, 2015 6:19 pm

Florida lawmakers will meet later this month to go over a report that is raising more questions than answers about the state’s new standardized test. Lynn Hatter reports teachers and local superintendents aren’t buying the results of the study, which found the Florida Standards Assessment Valid.

Solar power has always been popular in the Sunshine State and as the costs come down, interest in the clean energy alternative is heating up. And so is the political battle for control of the market. Jim Ash has more

The state of Florida needs to do more to help police catch killers. That’s the idea behind a Northeast Florida Senator’s bill.  Jacksonville Republican Aaron Bean wants to create a task force to reexamine policies and procedures for dealing with unsolved murders.  Lindsey Kilbride [KILL-bride] with member station WJCT in Jacksonville has more.

Florida’s first bear hunt in decades starts next month. It’s part of a plan to stop an increasing number of bears from coming into communities. But while Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission members are finalizing hunt details, Regan McCarthy reports, the group is already looking for more solutions.

Earlier this year, we shared a story about Jamal Davis and the Arts in Medicine Program at Shands Health Center in Gainesville.  Davis was waiting on a heart transplant and he was passing the time singing with arts and medicine musician Ricky Kendall.  Well Davis got his new heart a few months back.  Now that he’s back home, we wanted to check up on him.  But first, we’re going to play you the original story we aired back in May.  Here’s Nick Evans.

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