Conservation Money Budgeted For Uses 'Unacceptable' Under Amendment 1

Mar 10, 2016

The proposed budget includes $187,481,903 for Everglades restoration.
Credit Keo the Younger via Flickr

Conservation supporters are warily watching a budget Florida lawmakers are set to vote on Friday, which they say would violate Amendment 1 of the state Constitution.

That’s the amendment reserving a third of certain tax revenue for preserving land and water.

Florida Conservation Voters Executive Director Aliki Moncrief says, at least the funding is higher than last year’s.

“Maybe we are starting to break through to these lawmakers,” she says. “Maybe they are starting to realize there is a huge constituency for environmental protection and they’ve kind of poked a sleeping giant potentially.”

Yet, she says, more than $200 million is earmarked for unacceptable purposes, like salaries and general operating costs.

Her group is urging voters to respond this fall, when state senators are up for re-election.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.