COVID-19 In Public Schools; 'As The World Burns;' She Is Fierce! H.Q. Virtual Events

Sep 29, 2020




This week, students at Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) who opted for in-person education returned to brick and mortar school five days a week. Parents continue to express concern over the DCPS COVID-19 dashboard and say they want more information as schools continue to quarantine students and employees who have been exposed to a classmate or colleague with the virus



Meanwhile, in neighboring St. John’s County, all Nease High School students on the freshman volleyball and dance teams are quarantined after possible exposure to the virus.


COVID-19 cases in children aged 5-17 declined in September after spiking in July, a USA Today analysis found; however, as schools reopened, the decline rate slowed.


Concerns about children’s susceptibility to the virus continue.


Elizabeth McNew, a 12-year-old from Atlantic Beach, passed away from complications from the virus. McNew attended Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School as a virtual student.


Emily Bloch, an education reporter for the Florida Times-Union, joined us to discuss how COVID-19 has affected local schools.


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'As The World Burns'


A group of eight children, including Levi Draheim of Brevard County, is suing the U.S. Government over climate change. The group works through Our Children’s Trust, a nonprofit public interest law firm that helps children secure legal rights to a safe climate.


The children filed their case, Juliana vs U.S., in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon in 2015. They claim that actions that cause climate change “violate their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.” They also alledge that the government “failed to protect essential public trust resources.”


We spoke with Lee van der Voo, author of As the World Burns, a book about the children, who say it is their right to inherit a hospitable planet.


She Is Fierce! H.Q. Virtual Events


She is Fierce! H.Q., an organization that connects established women with women on the rise, is hosting three live events beginning September 30 with Bubble Besties.


The events will bring cocktails, connections, and inspiration into the home. Two featured women will speak on turning inspiration into a plan for success during each.


The organization encourages attendees to mirror their computer screen onto the television to create community.


Kelly Youngs, the organization’s founder, and Lettie Bozard, Vice President, Bozzaed Lincoln, joined us to share more about the event.


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