COVID Restrictions; Florida Climate Week; Pharmacy Vaccinations; Local Mask Mandate

Mar 30, 2021

A number of cities and states around the country are easing back on their pandemic lockdown rules.  

Jacksonville is one of them. Mayor Lenny Curry allowed Duval County's mask mandate to expire last week.

However, with COVID cases beginning to rise again,  President Joe Biden and the CDC have urged the public to keep wearing masks. Dr. Sunil Joshi, president of the Duval County Medical Society Foundation, joined us with his thoughts on the subject.  

Florida Climate Week

In April, there will be a four-day series of virtual events to bring awareness to the climate crisis and what our vulnerable state needs to do to prepare for it. Nicole Salzberg of the Volo Foundation joined us with a preview of the events.  

Vaccinations At Pharmacies

According to a recent report, many Americans prefer to get their vaccinations at retail pharmacies over other sites.  Dr. Amy Lynn Safaty, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, with CVS Health, joined us more.  

Moving Forward Without The Mask Mandate

The mask mandate's expiration is putting restaurants and other businesses in a bit of a cautious state. Chef Tom Gray of Prati Italia and Town Hall  joined us with more.

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