Deadline For 2022 Candidates To Change Party Affiliation Is Sat., Due To New Elections Law

Jun 8, 2021

Florida’s new election law could make it harder for some candidates to get their names on the ballot.

The controversial law (SB 90) changes requirements for candidates who run with no party affiliation.

Under the new law, NPA candidates will be required to swear, under oath, that they have not been a registered member of any political party for 365 days before qualifying begins.

The new requirement only applies to partisan races like the Clay County Sheriff’s race, according to the Clay County Supervisor of Elections.

Qualifying for federal, state and local offices begins on June 13, 2022. That means the deadline for 2022 candidates to change their party affiliation is this Saturday, June 12.

The election law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis last month, is facing legal challenges as critics say it will make it harder for minorities, seniors and people with disabilities to vote.

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