Duval School District Launches 24-Hour Safety Hotline, Email System

Mar 16, 2017

Credit Alexandra E Rust via Flickr

The Duval County School District is launching a safety hotline for students and parents. The email and phone system is for reporting threats.

The number to call is 348- SAFE. That’s area code 904-348-7233.

It’s available for anyone to call in anonymously and report potential threats to student safety at any school campus or aboard a school bus.

The reporting service is also available via email at 348SAFE@Duval Schools. org.

In a news release, Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says the hotline and email will allow law enforcement to intervene in potentially dangerous situations more quickly.

He says it’s one of several measures being enacted, including random searches, a gun safety program for elementary schools, and Parent Academy classes focusing on reducing weapons incidents.

School district staff will monitor the hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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