Early Voting Ends Sunday; Tuesday Is Election Day

Mar 15, 2019

Early voting ends Sunday ahead of Jacksonville’s unitary election this coming Tuesday, March 19.

Unlike in a primary, in a unitary election voters of any party can vote for any candidate they choose. 

In this case, three of the candidates running for Jacksonville mayor are Republicans and the fourth has no party affiliation. There is also a fifth write-in candidate.

Mike Hogan, the Duval County Supervisor of Elections, said all registered voters can cast a ballot. 

"Because there’s no primary people can win on the first ballot and it’s not closed. Anybody can vote for anybody, regardless of their party affiliation.”

According to the Supervisor of Elections office, so far fewer than then 10 percent of Duval County’s 606,036 eligible voters have cast early ballots or voted by mail.

WJCT has put together a Voters' Guide that has everything you need to get ready to vote. It includes profiles of many of the candidates, a precinct finder and other resources.

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