Early Voting; Independent And Undecided Voters; Threatening Emails; Audio Postcards

Oct 23, 2020

Turnout has been strong for early voing in Florida. More than 4.8 million Floridians - a third of the state’s registered voters - had already voted by mail or at the polls by Friday morning.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are back on the campaign trail after their final debate Thursday night, with the president campaigning in Florida Friday.

Michael McDonald, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida, runs The United States Election Project, an information source for the nation’s electoral system. He joined us to discuss voter turnout and how undecided and NPA voters might affect the election results.

Threatening Emails

Also this week, some Florida Democratic voters found threatening emails in their inboxes claiming that if the recipient didn’t vote for President Trump, “we will come after you.” The emails were purported to have gotten access to “the entire voting infrastructure.”

The emails were made to appear as if they were sent from the far-right group Proud Boys, but the group denied any involvement. John Ratcliff, Director of National Intelligence, blamed election interference from Iran for the emails.

Matt Dixon, the Florida Bureau Chief for Politico, is following early voting around the state and spoke with us about the threatening emails, Florida’s early voting turnout, and the election overall.

Audio Postcards From Florida Voters

Voters from across the crucial I-4 Corridor have shared their thoughts on the upcoming election in their own words via audio postcards. This week, we heard from Myles Suber of St. Petersburg.

WUSF’s Bradley George produced the audio postcard as part of America Amplified, a national reporting initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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