El Faro Bridge Found, Search For Data Recorder Underway

Nov 12, 2015

The Cable Underwater Recovery Vehicle (CURV) holds a stationary position suspended from the ships A-Frame aboard the Military Sealift Command fleet ocean tug USNS Apache.
Credit John Paul Kotara II / U.S. Navy

Investigators have located the navigation deck of the sunken El Faro cargo ship.

A Navy tugboat confirmed it had found the rest of the ship almost two weeks ago.

The latest find is important because the vessel’s data recorder, which can hold information about how the El Faro met its fate, is fastened to the bridge deck.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the search for the recorder is now underway.

The cargo ship, owned by TOTE Services, sank near the Bahamas when it crossed paths with Hurricane Joaquin last month.