Faces To Remember: Honoring Holocaust Survivors And Filipino Soldiers Contributions

May 23, 2018

Mr Patricio Ganio is looking at his own portrait on display at Yellow House.
Credit Agnes Lopez

The Filipino community is Jacksonville’s largest immigrant group, according to our Florida Times-Union partner. However, many do not know about the sacrifices made by the group during WWII.

Local photographer Agnes Lopez joined First Coast Connect Tuesday to discuss her passion to preserve the culture with some compelling portraits.

According to Lopez, Jacksonville’s large Filipino population is in part due to the attraction of the city’s military culture and a climate that is reminiscent of the Philippines.

Faces to Remember is a project by Lopez that highlights the contributions of some 260 thousand Filipino soldiers who served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific Theater of World War II.

“I feel its very important to preserve their day,” said Lopez.

The history of Filipinos who served in World War II isn’t as well-known as the Holocaust, said Lopez. She has made it her mission to photograph, “as many as I can.”

“It is one of the most important projects that I have done. It is a personal project,” said Lopez.

Lopez took her camera to many places in the country photographing, honoring and remembering these faces.

More information about The Faces to Rememberr exhibit is available here.