FAMU, Ross Partner To Educate More African-American Doctors

Feb 18, 2019

Only 6 percent of U.S. physicians are African-American. But Florida A&M University has a plan it hopes will help grow that number. FAMU is collaborating with Ross University to help its students pursue medical degrees.

Carl Goodman is an Associate Provost at FAMU. He says the university’s partnership is aimed at getting more minority students into the medical field.

“Because of FAMU’s student population being about 80 percent African-American, it’s definitely a good pipeline," Goodman said. "If you look at our students in the pre-professional health program, these are some outstanding talented students on the academic side, so knowing that they have their requirements going into their first three years and they’ve met their requirements, they have an automatic early admission into the medical program at Ross University.”

Any student who completes Ross University’s requirements is granted automatic admission into the College of Medicine on its Barbados campus. The program also grants students fee waivers for their first semesters at Ross.

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