FDOT Inspects Liberty Street Collapse

Feb 10, 2015

State inspectors got their first good look today at the damage under the portion of Liberty Street that collapsed into the St. Johns River last week.

The Florida Department of Transportation is using a robotic video camera to do a safety inspection of the pilings before any repair work is allowed to start. FDOT spokesperson Ron Tittle says underwater conditions made the assessment difficult. Tittle says they couldn't see anything abnormal on the pilings they could visually inspect with the camera.

Tittle says engineers will analyze the data collected by the camera and pass the information along to the city. Jacksonville Communications Director David DeCamp says, "As soon as they can do that, we can come up with a demolition and debris removal plan to clear the site so we can look at inspecting the site fully to get an idea of what work needs to be done to repair it."

DeCamp says he hopes to get the results from the DOT inspection in the next day or two.