First Coast Author, Consultant Takes Part In The Hague's World Justice Forum

Aug 5, 2013

A local author and consultant recently enjoyed a high-profile invite: to participate in the Hague's World Justice Forum in the Netherlands.  

The World Justice Project Forum in the Hague was attended by First Coast author and consultant Dr. Priscilla Berry.

Dr. Priscilla Berry joined thought leaders from around the world for a convening focused on expanding the rule of law in countries worldwide.

Berry is the author of Fostering Spirituality In the Workplace: A Leader's Guide to Sustainability.

"Communities, corporations, and civilizations only survive if they have the capacity to change and adapt.  The course we are on is not sustainable, and civilizations and peoples have faced this in the past.  We can no longer ignore the immediate impact all corporate decisions have on the world economy," says Berry.

The World Justice Project was founded by a former president of the American Bar Association, William Neukom, an NGO dedicated to expanding The Rule of Law around the world. 2103 was the fourth annual forum; the Project has created what it calls the Rule of Law Index and evaluated countries according to the Index which looks at 48 rule of law indicators around 9 concepts:

  • Limited government power
  • Absence of corruption
  • Order and society
  • Fundamental rights
  • Open government
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Civil justice
  • Criminal justice
  • Informal justice

The index "enables the assessment of a nation’s adherence to the rule of law in practice, identifies a nation’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to similarly situated countries, and tracks changes over time," according to its authors.