First Coast Connect: Live Performance By Cast Member Of 'Show Boat'

Mar 3, 2017

(L to R) Billy Taylor, Annabelle Fox and Peter Jackson, cast members of "Show Boat," spoke about the play

The cast of the Broadway and classic film “Show Boat” is performing at the Alhambra Theatre through April 2.

Fox, who will play the role of Magnolia Hawks, said the musical first produced in 1927 was groundbreaking.


“It was the first musical to have a fully integrated cast on stage in the 20s,” Fox said.


The show is set over a 40 year period on a Mississippi River show boat and deals with the social issues of the times like slavery and racial prejudice, Billy said.


“In the first act, it touches on interracial marriage, which I'm sure at the time was taboo,” he added.


Taylor said it's a privilege to play the role of Gaylord Ravenal: “I feel like it's an iconic role in theatre.”


Jackson said, “It's a complete honor, as a black man,” to play the role of Joe. “It's just kind of a role of a lifetime for me.”  


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