First Coast Connect: Miller Discusses Alter Ego 'Joanne the Scammer'

Feb 10, 2017

After “Joanne the Scammer crashed” the MTV Video Music Awards last year, a few people on the internet wondered who she is. Since then, 25-year-old Branden Miller took over social media with his creation of internet personality on Youtube, “Joanne the Scammer.”

Miller, from Daytona Beach, is African-American and gay. He discussed the persona of Joanne, a Mexican-American woman who thinks of herself as a rich white person, to address the fault lines of race, class and gender in America Friday on First Coast Connect in a phone interview.

Miller uses memes on social media and his Youtube channel, Super Deluxe, to promote his alter ego Joanne, who lives for drama, ripping people off, robbing, cheating and lying in a “white woman accent.”

WATCH | 'Joanne the Scammer'

“She has upgraded her lifestyle and she’s living like a Caucasian," usually wrapped in a fur coat and wearing a blond or black wig, Miller said.

Miller is selling “Get Out of My Caucasian House” doormats, donating 50 percent of the profits to the American Civil Liberties Union as a way of resisting against President Trump.

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