First Coast Hospitals Announce Extra Precautions As Coronavirus Is Confirmed In FL

Mar 4, 2020

Jacksonville-area hospitals are taking extra precautions against the new coronavirus — though there are no confirmed cases in Northeast Florida.

Memorial Hospital and the Orange Park Medical Center are limiting public entrances to only the Emergency Room and Main Entrance.

Visitors and patients will be screened at those entrances with a list of questions.

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And the hospitals are asking that visitors stay home if they:

  • Have a fever.
  • Have a cough or shortness of breath and have traveled outside the U-S in the past 2-weeks.
  • Have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Those at highest health risk are the elderly and immunosuppressed. Public health authorities say the best protection right now is to wash your hands frequently  — and avoid touching your face.

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