Fla. Sheriff Issues 'Trespass Warning' Against Jim Cantore

Oct 9, 2018

Although hurricanes are serious business, the Santa Rosa (Fla.) Sheriff's Office has decided there is also room to lighten up a little.

The department has posted a "trespass warning" against Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore on Facebook, writing, "Everyone knows what's in store when Jim Contore shows up. So we issued a little notice. lol."

Of course Cantore is well known for broadcasting live from areas dealing with hurricanes and other severe weather.


The "warning" reads in part, "non-business related visits only, winter months preferred."

Just in case someone doesn't get the joke, the warning concludes, "This is not a real tresspass. We like Jim, just not under these conditions."

Santa Rosa County, which hugs the Gulf Coast in the northwestern portion of Florida, was under a Hurricane Warning at the time of this story's publication.

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