Florida Democrats Want Hillary Clinton

Oct 21, 2015

54 percent of Florida Democrats say they'd vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, while only 16 percent say they'd choose Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Credit Brent Danley / Creative Commons

Update: Vice President Joe Biden announced he is not running for the Democratic nomination after this story was first published.

Hillary Clinton is the favored presidential candidate among Florida Democrats and it’s not even close. That’s according to a new University of North Florida poll of likely Democratic voters.

Nearly 55 percent say Clinton is their first choice, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with about 16 percent. 11 percent say they would support Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to declare his candidacy.

On WJCT’s “First Coast Connect” Wednesday, UNF professor Mike Binder said he doesn’t think Biden has much of a chance of winning.

"I think timing-wise is too late for him," Binder said. "I don't think the field is right for him. He’s running up another establishment candidate in Hillary Clinton who just last week put on a fantastic performance."

Binder says close to a quarter of those surveyed say Biden is their second choice.

The poll also found Democrats rate education and the economy as top reasons for selecting a candidate.

UNF also recently polled Republicans, who said the economy, immigration and terrorism were their most important issues.