Florida Matters: Craft Beer In Tampa Bay

Jul 24, 2018
Originally published on February 27, 2019 3:24 pm

The Tampa Bay area is becoming a hub for craft beer both statewide and nationally, with the highest density of breweries in Florida. This week on Florida Matters, host Robin Sussingham speaks with people who work in the industry about the craft beer phenomenon.

We also visit a research farm in southern Hillsborough County where scientists are growing more than 14 strains of hops, a key ingredient in beer that is typically grown in places far from Tampa Bay - like the Pacific Northwest.

Our guests include:

Neil Callaghan, El Lector at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa

Danie Dahm, Co-owner of Mastry’s Brewing Co. in St. Pete Beach

Sean Nordquist, Executive Director of the Florida Brewers Guild

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During this week’s episode of our podcast Florida Matters More, we do a “Craft Beer 101” of sorts, and even sample a couple flavors! Listen to our discussion to learn more about the different kinds of beer and how major corporations can influence the craft scene.

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