Florida Senate Wants Constitution Revision Commission Repeal

Apr 27, 2019

Florida voters could have a chance to abolish a commission that meets every 20 years to suggest changes to the state constitution.

The Florida Senate voted 35-4 for a bill that would place a question on the 2020 ballot asking to repeal the Constitution Revision Commission.

The commission met last year and placed seven items on the ballot. Voters approved each proposal, including bans on dog racing, oil drilling in state waters and vaping in workplaces. It also included a measure that extends new rights to crime victims.

Sixty percent of Florida voters would have to approve the proposal in order to repeal the commission.

Two of the senators who voted against the bill sat on the commission last year and are from the Tampa Bay area: Tom Lee, R-Brandon, and Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg.

A companion House bill is awaiting a floor vote.

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