Florida Student Database, Concerns With The Homestead Dentention Center & Royal Poinciana Fiesta

Jun 6, 2019

WLRN reporter Danny Rivero hosts Sundial today.

Florida’s Department of Education is creating a statewide database that will include information from student’s social media accounts and criminal and health records. The database was approved through the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act last year in hopes that it can help prevent the next school shooting. Ben Herold, technology reporter for Education Week, joined Sundial to talk about the database, why it is taking longer than aticipated to complete and criticism over the data being collected.

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday it is cutting federal aid to unaccompanied minors staying in federal migrant shelters nationwide. Funding cuts mean there will be no more recreational activities, English classes or legal services. Immigration attorney J.J. Mulligan Sepulvada recently visited the Homestead Detention Center, the largest facility in the U.S., with a team of attorneys. They spoke with children there about their living conditions and experiences. The team filed federal court documents last week detailing their concerns. He joined Sundial to talk about what he saw.

And South Florida is blooming with Royal Poinciana trees and their deep red-orange flowers. The 82nd Royal Poinciana Fiesta begins on Saturday in Coral Gables and will include lectures, workshops and trolley tours around the neighborhood. Steve Pearson, the Executive Director of the University of Miami’s Gifford Arboretum, has spoken at the celebration for 25 years. He joined Sundial to talk about the history of the blooming orange trees and the South Florida celebration.

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