Florida Supreme Court Denies Lawsuit Against Proposed Amendment 3

Oct 28, 2020
Originally published on October 28, 2020 2:50 pm

The Supreme Court of Florida has denied a petition to block officials from counting votes cast on proposed Amendment 3. If approved the ballot initiative will change the state’s primary-election system to a top-two primary. The lawsuit was backed by Florida lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, including incoming House Speaker Chris Sprowls who says the amendment could disenfranchise minority voters.

"This can do irreparable damage to our political process. This is the political equivalent to a battle royal," said Sprowls. "Nobody understands who is going to be left out, nobody understands the damage that’s going to be done to the process and who’s going to be disenfranchised which is why it shouldn’t go into the constitution."

Currently, most African Americans in Florida are registered as Democrats, during the primaries Blacks have a larger voice to choose which Democrat moves forward to the general election. The inclusion of non-party affiliates and all Republicans would lower the impact of their vote.

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