Former Sen. Bill Nelson Says Lying In Politics 'As Old As The Country'

Nov 6, 2019
Originally published on November 5, 2019 10:15 pm

Sen. Bill Nelson was a three-term Democrat who served in Washington for more than 45 years before losing his seat to Rick Scott in the 2018 mid-term election.

Nelson spoke recently at Southeastern University in Lakeland, where the new American Center for Political Leadership presented Nelson an award for his lengthy public service.

In a conversation with the ACPL Director, former Congressman Dennis Ross, and former State Senator Rick Dantzler, Nelson spoke candidly about his political and civic life, as well as the changes he’s seen.

During the discussion, Nelson was asked about the honesty in advertising and how someone confronts those lies.

“It's very difficult,” Nelson said. “Particularly if you don't have the money in which you can respond in that medium. And that is all the more difficult in a state as big as ours.

“It would be a lot easier for some of our colleagues in the city council here to respond in a more confined area.  It's very difficult and there again, this is not the first time lies have been used in American politics. This is as old as the country is and indeed as old as the history of civilization, wherever there was an attempt to have some kind of election."

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