FSCJ Philosophy Professor Applies "Frankenstein" To Modern Living

Oct 31, 2013

From AI (artificial intelligence) to genetically modified food, the themes and plot of the classic Mary Shelley book Frankenstein and the many versions of it can be applied to modern life.

Nicholas Michaud

FSCJ's Nicolas Michaud is the editor of Frankenstein and Philosophy: The Shocking Truth, an in-depth exploration of how the Frankenstein story informs our lives.

While many people may have a hard time understanding the parallels between Frankenstein and pop culture,  Michaud observes that we live in a time when people should be curious about what constitutes artificial intelligence or eating genetically modified "Frankenfood."

"Whatever we create, we own, and therefore we can do whatever we want to it," he said. "It's easy when it's a 'Frankencow'— but what if it's faster, smarter and stronger than you? It may not tolerate that."

Michaud has also contributed to volumes on the philosophy of The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park.

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