Going Green: JU's Sustainability Ethic

Aug 28, 2013

Sustainability is becoming an imperative for business, government, and college campuses.

JU Sustainability Coordinator Marcel Dulay
Credit Jacksonville University

That’s especially true at Jacksonville University, where everything from a sustainable dorm, to rooftop gardens, to even a degree in sustainability is now in the mix. 

According to JU Sustainability Coordinator Marcel Dulay, students are working with Jacksonville’s Clara White Mission to train homeless veterans in gardening as part of their rooftop garden initiative. The program was made possible through a grant from Siemens.

Veterans will take gardening classes, for which they will receive certificates of completion from Clara White.

They will then take those skills to work, planting and maintaining gardens on local restaurant rooftops, like the herb garden on top of bb's in San Marco. Produce from the gardens will be used in the restaurants’ daily menus.

"This program perfectly captures the three pillars of sustainability: The environment, the economy, and society," says Dulay

“We're conserving energy, employing people and using locally grown foods."