Going Green: The North Florida TPO

Jun 26, 2013

The North Florida TPO (Transportation Planing Organization) is focused on "greening the fleet," or in other words, assisting in the transition of converting thousands of municipal vehicles around the First Coast to natural gas.

The North Florida TPO is working to convert municipal vehicles around the First Coast to using natural gas.
Credit www.energy.gov

Last fall, the TPO Board approved programming $732,464 for the North Florida TPO Regional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Conversion Initiative.

This 18-month initiative will support the conversion and upgrade of new municipal fleet vehicles as the organization pursue partnerships with fuel providers to develop the necessary CNG fueling stations.

"Cost savings from using alternative fuels can then be invested in future alternative fuel vehicle acquisitions, saving even more taxpayer dollars," says North Florida TPO Staff Director Jeff Sheffield.

Sheffield says the efforts are aligned with the goals of The North Florida Clean Cities Coalition, working to bring more viable alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles to the region.