Google Fiber, Cummer Resignation & The Elections — Episode 1

Sep 2, 2016

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Welcome to our new podcast Redux: The week in review from WJCT News.

The program is hosted by Vince Kong and features the best stories from the past week.


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Business Brief: Tech Coast Attendees React To Google Fiber Slowdown

The big story in the tech world last week was the decision by Google to postpone the expansion of its high-speed fiber internet network in cities across the country, which includes Jacksonville.

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Cummer Museum Director Resigns, Plans To Continue ‘Impacting Community’

The Cummer Museum’s Executive Director Hope McMath announces her resignation.

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Harvard Report: Duval County Among US Death Penalty 'Outliers'

Florida’s 4th Judicial Circuit, which includes Duval County, is among a handful nationwide that sentence the majority of criminals to die. That’s according to a report titled “Too Broken to Fix” from Harvard University researchers.

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 Jacksonville Faith Leaders Protest ‘Overzealous’ Use Of Death Penalty

More than 50 Jacksonville faith leaders are calling for an end to the death penalty.

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Congresswoman Corrine Brown And Lawyers ‘Break Up’; Trial Postponed Until November

The fraud trial of Congresswoman Corrine Brown will be postponed by a month after a judge ruled she needs more time to find a new lawyer.