GOP Strategist Rick Wilson; 'Bubble In The Sun'; Communities In Schools

Jan 21, 2020

The U.S. Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is underway.

Against this backdrop, Republican and conservative critics of the Trump presidency are ramping up their rhetoric as the 2020 election season gets underway.

Perhaps the most prominent “Never Trumper” around is Florida’s own Rick Wilson. The Tallahassee-based consultant and bestselling author is out this week with his second book called, Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump and Democrats from Themselves. He joined  us for a closer look.

Bubble in the Sun

The 1920s was a time of incredible excess, immense wealth, and precipitous collapse here in the Sunshine State. Nowhere was the glitz and froth of the Roaring Twenties more excessive than in Florida.

Here was Vegas before there was a Vegas: gambling was condoned and so was drinking, since prohibition was not enforced. Tycoons, crooks, and celebrities arrived in droves to promote or exploit this new and dazzling American frontier in the sunshine.

Yet, the import and deep impact of these historical events have never been explored thoroughly until now. Former Fortune writer Christopher Knowlton gives readers an in-depth look at the spectacular Florida land boom of the 1920s and shows how it led directly to the Great Depression. He joined us to talk about his book Bubble in the Sun, and will also appear at a 7 p.m. at book signing event at Books a Million in Orange Park.

Melissa Ross with Leon Baxton
Credit Heather Schatz / WJCT

Communities in Schools

He overcame many harrowing obstacles as a child to achieve his dreams as an adult.

That’s why the new CEO of Communities in Schools (CIS)  is perfectly suited to help other struggling kids in this community.

Leon Baxton joined us with more about his story and the mission of CIS.