Gov. DeSantis Wants Rays To Stay Exclusively In Tampa Bay

Jun 27, 2019

By Carrie Pinkard

Last week, Tampa Bay Rays ownership announced the possibility of playing half the team's home games in Montreal.

Many baseball fans in the state were unhappy with the idea, including Governor Ron DeSantis.

When he visited Tampa on Wednesday for a bill signing, he said he wanted the Rays to play their games in the Tampa Bay area.

“I want the Rays to play in Tampa Bay,” DeSantis said. “I mean Montreal? I don’t understand that. The frustrating thing is, they’re producing a good product. With all the obstacles they have, like being in a tough division and not having as much money as some.

“I like them in this area for all 81 of the home games.”

Rays owner Stuart Sternberg said on Tuesday that the sister-city concept of splitting the Rays home games would help the baseball team, and the community, thrive.

He said the influx of people coming here from Montreal would boost our economy.

"That community will come here in droves to watch our baseball team, to set up businesses, visit our shops, eat in our restaurants, share in our community and perhaps retire here," Sternberg said. "It will score an economic connection that is -- like its team -- will last for generations."

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