Gov. Scott Signs Internet Cafe Ban

Apr 10, 2013

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Gaming centers also known as "Internet cafes" are now illegal in Florida.
Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Wednesday that bans up to 1,000 storefront operations across the state.

The new law took effect immediately after Scott signed the bill.

Governor Scott signs gaming ban bill
Credit State of Florida

However, state officials say they will leave enforcement of the new law to local law-enforcement officials.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says it will enforce any criminal statutes as required by state law when any such law becomes effective.

Florida legislators voted overwhelmingly last week to approve the ban. It was a quick response to a scandal that led to dozens of arrests connected to Allied Veterans of the World  and the lieutenant governor's resignation last month.
The storefront operations targeted by the bill currently allow customers to play sweepstakes games that simulate slot machines. Critics contend the new law will also lead to the closures of senior arcades.