A gunfighter on the run gets sidelined by love

Apr 4, 2019
Friday 8pm ANGEL AND THE BADMAN - (1947) Western/Romance starring John Wayne and Gail Russell about a notorious gunfighter on the run who is sheltered and nursed back to health by the angelic Penelope Worth, a Quaker.  
Quirt Evans (John Wayne), a cowboy on the run, is injured when his horse stumbles near a Quaker family's land. The family takes him in as he regains his health, and he falls for their young daughter, Penelope (Gail Russell). As Quirt falls deeper in love and becomes accustomed to the family's peaceful ways, his violent past starts to catch up to him. Eventually he is forced to decide whether it is worth letting go of his turbulent former life for his future with Penelope.
  • Angel and the Badman is the first production that Wayne personally produced. 
  • John Wayne would later star in two films where his character carried the name of characters from this movie: Hondo (1953) and McLintock! (1963).
  • John Wayne (Quirt Evans) is nearly five months older than John Halloran, who played Thomas Worth, the father of Quirt's love interest Penelope Worth (Gail Russell) and 17 years older than Russell.
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