Hands Across the Sand: A Movement To Fight Offshore Drilling

May 15, 2013

Local citizens will be joining hands on Saturday, May 18th,  at the St. Augustine Beach Pier to stand in solidarity against offshore drilling – in Florida and throughout the world. 

Activists worldwide will link hands at their neighborhood beach on May 18th for Hands Across the Sand.
Credit www.handsacrossthesand.org

It's part of the annual global event, Hands Across the Sand.

The initiative actually began here in Florida, just before the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.  Participants stand at the shore and link hands as a visual reminder of the need to protect Florida's thousands of miles of vulnerable coastline.

"We are very focused on promoting clean energy solutions and the protection of our coastal economies, our oceans, and marine wildlife," says spokesman Bill Hamilton.

The event begins is set for this Saturday morning at the St. Augustine Beach Pier.